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3 Reasons to Practice Non-Dominant Hand Shooting at a Firing Range

Practice Shooting with Your Non-Dominant Hand at Our Firing Range

When practicing at the firing range, most gun enthusiasts spend their training sessions shooting with their dominant hands. However, if you don’t currently practice non-dominant hand shooting, now is the time to start. Also referred to as “weak hand” shooting or “support hand” shooting, there are numerous benefits to training to shoot with your non-dominant hand. 

Benefits of Shooting with Your Non-dominant Hand

1. Easier Self-Defense
The most compelling reason to add non-dominant hand shooting to your sessions at the firing range is that it makes you more capable of defending yourself. In an altercation, it is very possible that you won’t have the use of your dominant hand. Many individuals use the dominant hand to protect themselves during a dangerous encounter, making it highly likely that this hand might suffer an injury. 

Or, you simply might not have the opportunity to maneuver your dominant hand into a shooting position. You want to ensure that any shots you take hit your attacker, not those around you. By training your weaker hand, you equip yourself with the skills to defend yourself in multiple situations. 

2. Increased Dexterity
One of the best ways to further the abilities of your non-dominant hand is to regularly train and practice with it. Over time, the body develops new neural pathways that will make it easier for you to learn new skills with your weaker hand. As the pathways develop, you will find that shooting at the firing range becomes easier. You will feel more comfortable holding the gun and gain a stronger mastery of maneuvering the firearm. 

3. Greater Confidence
You want to have a high level of confidence when you use your firearm. Having the knowledge that you know how to shoot in various situations will increase your self-confidence. Self-confidence is an invaluable trait that will help you hone your shooting skills. 

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If you’re ready to master non-dominant hand shooting, consider integrating drills to develop that hand the next time you go to the firing range. At Las Vegas Shooting Center, we have an assortment of packages to satisfy your training needs. Contact us at 702-779-5872 to reserve your range time today!

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