Practice Makes Perfect: Keep Your Skills Sharp at an Indoor Shooting Range

Complacency can be a major problem – especially when it comes to shooting. Your ability to shoot with pin-point accuracy can diminish over time if you do not practice continually. It can be easy to maintain your abilities and continue to improve if you commit to practicing at an indoor shooting range and focus on […]

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What to Know Before Buying Your First Firearm: Visit a Shooting Range

There are many reasons why people purchase their first firearm. No matter your age, buying your first firearm is an exciting experience. It’s also one you don’t want to rush into, therefore, the following is a quick look at the key things to know when researching and buying a gun: How to Prepare to Buy Your First […]

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Smart Decision Making When You’re Armed with a Concealed-carry Firearm

Concealed-carry firearm permits are intended to enable civilians to carry guns for protection. However, what people don’t often consider is the way adrenaline affects the body and mind in emergencies. It’s hard to stay calm and think straight when you’re in a dangerous situation. Here are some tips to help you react in a level-headed manner: […]

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