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How Does a Double Action/Single Action Semi-Automatic Pistol Work?

Pistols have come a long way since their inception, with more options now than ever before, such as the semi-automatic pistol, the auto-loading pistol and the reliable and revered revolver. Most people go with the a semi-automatic or an auto-loading handgun, but there are still some who swear by the revolver. And then there is the Double […]

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4 Flashlight Tips for Home Defense

If you hear a strange noise or suspect an intruder is in your home, it’s important to have quick access to a tool you can use to examine the concern and potentially defend yourself. When faced with a threat, a flashlight is an excellent tool to have on hand for home defense. Here are a […]

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The Different Types of Firearm Holsters Available

Choosing the right type of holster for your firearm is extremely important. You must be comfortable with how it feels when you wear it as well as allowing you immediate access to your handgun when you need it. Holsters are made from a variety of materials, including leather, nylon or molded plastic. Belly Bands Belly […]

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