Packing Your Shooting Range Bag Like a Pro

Although many shooting centers have equipment for rent, the more frequently you go, the more you’ll realize the value in making sure you have a properly packed range bag with all the gear you need to enjoy a day at the shooting range. The following tips will help you pack your bag like a pro: 12 Must-Pack […]

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3 Good Reasons for Ongoing Firearm Training at an Indoor Shooting Range

Time spent at an indoor shooting range is a great way to blow off steam and improve your skills. But your education isn’t over once you know how to correctly aim and pull the trigger. There’s always something new to learn in the sport of shooting, which is why ongoing firearm training is so important. […]

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Firearm Safety 101

Every year, there are stories about people whose lives ended too early due to an accidental gun discharge. Almost all of them are avoidable. If you’re a gun owner or are considering becoming one, you have no greater responsibility than to pay attention to firearm safety. Here’s a look at some basic principles that every gun […]

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