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Find the Firearm that Suits Your Personality Type at Our Indoor Shooting Range

Currently, everyone has a certain style built around expressing their personal individuality. This same principal of personality and individuality can be applied to firearms as well. The firearms industry is full of brands and customized options that can be applied to nearly every type of pistol or rifle out there.  Take Glock for example, with […]

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Why Is a Trip to the Indoor Shooting Range a Great Group Activity?

Have you ever been to the type of work event where Kevin from accounting hits on Karen and the biggest issue is that their names sound too much alike so it will not work out in the office? Or maybe a family outing where Aunt Janet comes along, and she just will not stop talking […]

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Practice Using Your Barret 50 with These At-home Rifle Drills

When you live on the range, being stuck at home can feel like an eternity. Whether you’re busy with work, school, or the busyness of everyday life, our team at Las Vegas Shooting Center knows all-too-well the feeling of an itchy trigger finger. Although many of us don’t have the vast real estate available to […]

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