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Safe Storage Solutions for Your Firearm

Safety is the number one priority of firearm ownership. Safe storage solutions are the best tools to protect your firearm from damage, misuse and accidental discharge. Here are 5 of the top storage options: 5 Storage Solutions for Firearm Owners Trigger Locks and Cables Trigger locks prevent the trigger from being engaged, which provides an […]

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The Top 5 Defensive Handguns Women Prefer

As a woman, you want a handgun that gives you the protection you need while being easy for you to control, aim, and fire. When searching for a handgun, some factors to consider include: Reliability Ease of use Level of comfort Aesthetics Look for a handgun that uses a cartridge with at least a .380 automatic colt pistol […]

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Airport Firearm Safety Tips and How to Prepare for Travel

In this age of heightened airline security, you might expect that traveling with a firearm would be more of a hassle than it’s worth. However, as long as you follow the standard firearm safety rules, it’s often actually easier than going through the standard TSA screening. These five tips will help you safely check your […]

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