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How to Build the Right Handgun Grip

A proper handgun grip is crucial for accurate shooting. Whether you are using a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver, the right grip will not only reduce the movement of the firearm, but will also maximize the speed and accuracy of your follow up shots. Here are a few tips to help you get the proper […]

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Las Vegas Shooting Center Proudly Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

Las Vegas Shooting Center is excited to announce our one-year anniversary. We are humbled that so many residents and visitors of Las Vegas chose our facility to enjoy a unique shooting experience unlike any other.  Las Vegas Shooting Center: Las Vegas’ Most Extreme Experience  Founded in 2018, Las Vegas Shooting Center is located within a […]

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Sharpen Your Skills with These Tips for Using Shooting Range Time Wisely

For many people, finding time to practice their skills at the shooting range can be difficult. While it may be fun to just fire off a few rounds, if you want to hone your skills and improve your marksmanship, it is important to plan your range time effectively. What to Work on Before You Hit […]

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