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Shoot a Barret .50 Cal in Las Vegas…Then Take It Home!

In the article titled, “The Loudest Bang You’ll Never Hear”, by Casey Bridges, its titled as such because of the shear power of the monstrous .50 caliber. – a rifle designed to travel over a mile, designed to penetrate AR 500 steel plating, used by militaries across the world, but more importantly, a rifle that […]

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The Difference Between Shooting a Rifle & a Pistol at a Las Vegas Gun Range

When you’re riding up to a Las Vegas gun range, what are you carrying? Some are packing a pistol, while others are ready to rock with a rifle. Both firearms offer a fun challenge for those who want to rule the range, and both feature inherent advantages that make them fantastic resources for a number […]

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Things to Do in Las Vegas While Social Distancing

It seems that everywhere we look, things are closed due to COVID-19. The bars, the shows, the attractions – most of them have shut down until no one knows when. Luckily, there are still amazing things to do this summer while keeping safe and socially distant. Things to Do in Las Vegas that Give the […]

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