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How Visiting an Indoor Shooting Range Can Relieve Stress

Stress: the real buzzkill. These days it’s at an all time high, with election year upon us, places being closed, hiking trails and lakes overflowing with visitors just trying to get out of the house. Even TV shows and movie production being stopped to help rid the world of a virus. Granted, there are some […]

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How New Owners Can Learn to Use Their Firearm Correctly, Even in Quarantine

  You just purchased your new firearm and got it home, but like many people, you are stuck at home under quarantine or a stay-at-home order. Perhaps you bought it a while back and just haven’t had a chance to make it to the range. Well, the great news is that you can take advantage […]

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Indoor Shooting Range Firearm Spotlight: AK47

The ubiquitous AK-47 and its follow-on family of guns, are perhaps the most recognizable individually carried firearms in the world. Even those who have a dislike for firearms can recognize the solid profile of the AK-47 and most of its derivatives. It is used by almost every villain in television and silver screen productions, as […]

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