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Firearm Maintenance 101: Tips for New Owners

Firearm maintenance is an essential component of owning and operating any type of firearm. From handguns to long guns, it is critical that you maintain your firearm, so that it is reliable and ready for use. Naturally, all firearms are different and each has its own distinct cleaning and care regime. In which the primary […]

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Liven up Your Summer at Our Indoor Shooting Range in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has many attractions, activities and straight up wonderful sights to see that simply do not exist anywhere else. However, with the temperature being in the low hundreds, the indoor attractions are where it’s at. Luckily, Las Vegas has hundreds of indoor attractions to take part in even during COVID-19. Axe throwing, arcades, bowling […]

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Firearm Safety Best Practicing for when You’re at Home

Firearm safety in the home is an important consideration when owning a firearm. Whether it is a handgun or a long gun, proper firearm safety practices ensure that your firearm is safe, secure and ready for when you need or want it. Most firearm safety practices are time tested, common-sense approaches that significantly reduce the […]

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