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Inspiration Behind the Firearms of The Mandalorian

Some of the most famous lines to be echoed in firearm stores across the nation, “weapons are my religion,” and “this is the way” come from the massively popular show, The Mandalorian. Warrior turned mercenary, Din Djarin, or commonly known simply as, the Mandalorian, uses a wide variety of laser pistols, rifles and cannons, never […]

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The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas

With today’s society being all about protection, training is a must, as with everything. Driving for example, there are open air tracks that offer a single lane for someone to practice on, and closed tracks to learn how to go 100 mph around a corner. The same goes for firearms; there are a variety of […]

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Common Questions About COVID-19 Precautions at Our Las Vegas Experience

Q: How many people can be on the range at the same time? A:  The number of people allowed on the range at once is in accordance with however many people Covid regulations are allowing at the time. Please call for more information prior to your visit. Q: How far in advance to I need […]

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