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Las Vegas Shooting Center
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Vegas Shooting Range, Haunted Attractions, Historic Trails & More: Must-dos While in Sin City

Lights, shows, restaurants, clubs, and more. The American city of lights can be fun for all who visit her, but your visit doesn’t have to just be the fun tourist things. Las Vegas offers so much more in the form of attractions. Places such as the famous Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum, home of attractions such […]

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Competitive Games to Hone Your Skills at the Indoor Shooting Range

Recently, Armscor put out a video about the different types of live action shooting games one could play at a range to hone their skills at the indoor shooting range. Games such as “Texas Shoot ‘Em”, a shooting version of “Texas Hold ’Em”. Each shooter gets two cards, when the timer goes off, the shooters […]

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How Does a Double Action/Single Action Semi-Automatic Pistol Work?

Pistols have come a long way since their inception, with more options now than ever before, such as the semi-automatic pistol, the auto-loading pistol and the reliable and revered revolver. Most people go with the a semi-automatic or an auto-loading handgun, but there are still some who swear by the revolver. And then there is the Double […]

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