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Top Places to Shoot In Vegas: Top 5 Locations

One of the best ways to top off any trip to Las Vegas is to spend a little time at the range. The area offers dozens of shooting ranges in or just outside the city limits, with both indoor and outdoor options available. Here are 5 of the best places to shoot in Vegas.

Shoot in Vegas - Las Vegas Shooting Center

1. Las Vegas Shooting Center

Located just over two miles from the Las Vegas strip at 5155 Dean Martin Dr., Las Vegas Shooting Center features a modern, 12-lane indoor firing range with a variety of shooting packages, including group packages and packages for special events like bachelor parties. Their packages feature a choice of some of the most popular firearms available, such as the BMG 50, the Scar 16, M4, P90, MP5, and more. Free transportation is available to and from any of the hotels on the strip with a range purchase of over $100.

2. Battlefield Vegas

Located at 2771 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr. in Las Vegas, just minutes from the strip, Battlefield Vegas features both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges with a variety of firearms, including a mini-gun, and packages that offer themed shooting experiences. They offer free transportation to and from the facility using retired military HUMVEES, and they offer other unique experiences, such as crushing cars with tanks.

3. Shoot Las Vegas

Located just 30 minutes outside of the city at 15357 Kingston Rd. in Sloan, NV, Shoot Las Vegas is one of the few venues that features a private outdoor shooting range. They offer free transportation to and from any of the most popular hotels on the strip or downtown, and they have a variety of shooting packages featuring a choice of firearms from their 70-piece collection.

4. The Vegas Machine Gun Experience

Located about two miles from the strip at 3084 S. Highland Drive, The Vegas Machine Gun Experience offers a free shuttle to and from the facility. It offers a variety of shooting packages featuring firearms like the M-4, AK-47, and Scar-H, as well as a full-service gun shop called Discount Firearms.

5. Machine Guns Vegas

Located just a mile from the Las Vegas Strip at 3501 Aldebaran Ave. Machine Guns Vegas offers an indoor shooting range, as well as an outdoor shooting experience in the Mojave desert. Free transportation from the strip is available for anyone who spends $190 or more, and they feature a variety of shooting packages with firearms like M4s, AK-47s, .308 rifles, and more.

Shoot in Vegas with Las Vegas Shooting Center

When you want a truly memorable experience on your next trip to Las Vegas, talk to our team at Las Vegas Shooting Center. We feature a stanch-of-the-art firing range and some of the most exciting shooting packages and firearms available. We also offer a full-service firearm shop on-site so that you can acquire all your favorite firearms, gear, and apparel while enjoying an afternoon at the range.

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