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A Clean Gun Is a Safe Gun: 8 Steps to Proper Firearm Maintenance

Your gun is only as safe as it is clean. Whether you carry every day, once a month or only on rare occasions, you cannot afford to ignore firearm maintenance, especially if you hit the indoor shooting range on a regular basis. Every time you fire your gun, powder residue and grime are left on its exterior, inside the action and all over the barrel. Over time, all of this buildup can prevent your gun from operating properly – and that can put you in dangerous positions. 

So, if you want to ensure that you have a gun that works the way it was intended to – and if you want your gun to last a long time – make sure you’re following these 8 simple firearms maintenance tips:

8 Firearm Maintenance Tips for Safe Carrying

1. Invest in a Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your gun requires some specific tools and supplies. You’ll need cleaning solvent, lubricant, cleaning rods, bore brushes, cotton swabs, polishing cloths, and patches. You can get all of these supplies in a firearm cleaning kit, available at most sporting goods stores. 

2. Clear the Gun

One of the most dangerous mistakes gun owners make is forgetting to unload their firearms before they begin cleaning them. Make sure you remove the magazine and double (or triple) check to ensure that there aren’t any rounds in the chamber. Taking a little time to follow the first rule of firearm maintenance and clear the gun could save your life.

3. Disassemble the Gun

In order to properly clean your firearm, you’re going to need to take it apart. Before you begin, take a close look at the manufacturer instructions about how to do this. Then, start removing the various components so that you can begin the cleaning process.

4. Start with the Barrel

A clean barrel is incredibly important. So, start by using the brushes and patches included in your firearms maintenance kit to remove any and all grime and lubricant. 

5. Take a Close Look at the Action

Pay close attention to the action. Any buildup of dirt or residue could cause the gun to malfunction. So, take a close look and make sure you remove all of it down to the finished metal or polymer surface. 

6. Lubricate the Action

Now it’s time to apply some solvent to the brush that came in your firearm maintenance kit and lubricate all of the moving parts of the action. Be advised: a little lubricant goes a long way. 

7. Reassemble the Gun

Once you have gotten all of the dirt and residue off of both the barrel and the action, lubricated the action and double checked everything again, it’s time to reassemble the gun. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

8. Wipe It Down

The last step in the process is wiping down the outside of the gun with a cloth. This removes oils, dirt and any other substances. 

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