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Firearm Safety 101

Every year, there are stories about people whose lives ended too early due to an accidental gun discharge. Almost all of them are avoidable. If you’re a gun owner or are considering becoming one, you have no greater responsibility than to pay attention to firearm safety. Here’s a look at some basic principles that every gun owner needs to know:

Basic Firearm Safety Principles to Be Aware of at All Times

Learn the Importance of Firearm Safety at Las Vegas Shooting Center

Clear Before Cleaning

Before you begin cleaning your gun, make sure you unload it first. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a surprising number of gun owners forget to do this each year. It goes without saying that the results of such negligence can be disastrous (and permanent), so always be aware and make sure the chamber of your gun is empty before you begin cleaning.

Practice Patience

People who are new to handling firearms – or even experienced marksmen who are working with new guns – are better served by practicing their techniques with unloaded guns. Being patient about putting bullets in the gun will allow you to make sure you’re comfortable with it and understand how it works with the holster can help keep you from accidentally shooting yourself or someone else during practice. Patience is a virtue any time you’re working with a new firearm or practicing a new skill.

Stay Focused

Don’t lose sight of these best practices when your gun is not in use:

Training Matters

You can never train enough. The more you practice, the less likely you will be to have a momentary lapse of judgement that leads to an accidental discharge. You can learn more about firearm safety and hone your skills by contacting the professionals at Las Vegas Shooting Center, where safety always comes first.  

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