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Smart Decision Making When You’re Armed with a Concealed-carry Firearm

Concealed-carry firearm permits are intended to enable civilians to carry guns for protection. However, what people don’t often consider is the way adrenaline affects the body and mind in emergencies. It’s hard to stay calm and think straight when you’re in a dangerous situation. Here are some tips to help you react in a level-headed manner:

Learn How to Properly Use Your Concealed-carry
Think First

One of the hardest things to do when you’re caught by surprise is think clearly. Proactively train your brain to assess situations and calm your mind on a regular basis, so you can be rational if you’re ever faced with a threatening situation.

Many times, concealed-carry firearm permit holders think about their firearms first, but simply giving in to the demands of the situation may save your life. Instead of reaching for your gun, it may be best to hand over your phone, wallet and valuables. If the intruder isn’t truly intending to harm you, he may walk away once he gets your stuff.

A calm, rational voice may be your best defense in such moments. If you reach for your gun unnecessarily, the perpetrator will likely react by pulling the trigger.

Assess the Situation

Is there a way you can safely remove yourself from the situation? Is there a building nearby? Can you make it to your car, so you can get away? Can you talk to the assailant long enough to give those around you time to hide? Being aware of your surroundings is a defense most people don’t think to put in their arsenals, but this quality can be life-saving.

Know When to Walk Away

Never seek vengeance or try to reclaim stolen items. If you’ve successfully prevented a robber from harming you, once you’re in the clear, be grateful that you came out of the situation with your life. Going after an assailant is just like running back into an inferno; you’ve made it out safely, so the best recourse is to get far away from the scene and then call the police.

Learning How to Safely Fire a Concealed-carry Firearm

Las Vegas Shooting Center is the place to learn how to protect yourself. In the heat of a scary situation, it can be difficult to remember how to keep your wits about you, but with the proper training, you’ll be able to determine when to draw your concealed-carry firearm and how to properly use it. Contact us to learn how you can react to urgent situations without putting yourself in harm’s way. Call 702-778-5872 today.

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