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What to Know Before Buying Your First Firearm: Visit a Shooting Range

There are many reasons why people purchase their first firearm. No matter your age, buying your first firearm is an exciting experience. It’s also one you don’t want to rush into, therefore, the following is a quick look at the key things to know when researching and buying a gun:

How to Prepare to Buy Your First Firearm

Visit A Las Vegas Shooting Range to Test Different Firearms

Do your homework and ask questions. The internet is a great resource of information for numerous topics, but your research into firearms shouldn’t start and stop there. Consider going to a shooting range or looking up a local gun meetup group so that you can talk in person with others about gun ownership. While you don’t have to know the exact gun you want, you should narrow down your options and get an idea of why you want to buy a gun and for what purposes. For example, if you’re looking to do competitive target shooting, then your needs and questions are going to be a lot different than someone who’s buying a gun for home defense.

Be patient; shop around and find the right gun at the right store.  You might prefer the simplicity of a J-Frame revolver or how a Smith & Wesson fits in your hand. The only way to find the ideal gun fit for you is to hold several – which is why we strongly suggest against buying a gun online unless you’ve already held it somewhere else.

Be prepared to fill out paperwork and bring ID. In Clark County, there is only one form to fill out before purchasing a firearm. You will need a government-issued ID and to undergo a background check that will prohibit convicted felons, those convicted of domestic abuse, drug users, and people deemed mentally ill from purchasing guns.

Test Different Firearms at a Shooting Range

If you’re unsure about which type of gun you prefer, going to a shooting range allows you to test out different ones. At Las Vegas Shooting Center, our certified range safety officers will help you select the best variety of firearms to try, and will provide hands-on guidance every step of the way to ensure your safety. To schedule a session, contact us at 702-778-5872 today!

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