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How to Build the Right Handgun Grip

A proper handgun grip is crucial for accurate shooting. Whether you are using a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver, the right grip will not only reduce the movement of the firearm, but will also maximize the speed and accuracy of your follow up shots. Here are a few tips to help you get the proper grip on your handgun:

5 Tips for Getting the Right Handgun Grip

Learn the Right Handgun Grip at Las Vegas Shooting Center

  1. The Web of Your Hand Should Be High Up on the Back Strap
    To correctly grip your firearm, hold it in such a manner that the web of your hand is high on the back strap, but without interfering with the slide. By doing this, you align the gun with your forearm, which creates a solid foundation to a proper grip.
  2. Use Both Hands
    Using a one-hand grip can inhibit accuracy. When using both hands, your non-dominant hand supports the dominant one to deliver stability as you shoot. Always use both hands if you want a proper grip that helps you without compromising control and accuracy.
  3. Grip Firmly
    You should always have a firm grip on your handgun for both stability and retention. However, be careful not to grasp too tightly. Remember that a hard grip will quickly tire your hands and arms. On the other hand, a grip that is too relaxed increases firearm movement in the hands when you shoot. Having a firm, moderate grip gives you optimal control.
  4. Place Your Thumbs Appropriately
    The way you position your thumbs on your handgun can affect both your safety and the functionality of the gun. Always ensure that your thumbs don’t interfere with the slide or controls to avoid malfunctions when you are firing. It’s also important not to cross them behind the slide, as you’ll risk injury from the slide as it cycles to the rear. The best position for your thumbs is having them either on top of each other or overlapping and pointed forward on the opposite side of your trigger finger.
  5. Train, Train, Train
    Your arms, fingers and wrists all come together to make shooting possible. Without the necessary grip, it is nearly impossible to shoot well. Regular training will improve the strength of your grip.

Improve Your Handgun Grip at Las Vegas Shooting Center

The certified professionals at Las Vegas Shooting center will teach you how to build the right handgun grip. We’ll oversee your training to ensure that you stay safe, and we’ll provide feedback on how to improve your skills. Contact us at 702-778-5872 to schedule time at our indoor shooting range.

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