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4 Flashlight Tips for Home Defense

Flashlight Tips for Home Defense

If you hear a strange noise or suspect an intruder is in your home, it’s important to have quick access to a tool you can use to examine the concern and potentially defend yourself. When faced with a threat, a flashlight is an excellent tool to have on hand for home defense. Here are a few tips to follow when using a flashlight to defend your home and family from a potential intruder.

1. Use the Light from the Flashlight Only as Needed
You’ve likely noticed that when you’re in the darkness for a lengthy period, your eyes start to acclimate to the lack of light, especially if you have access to small sources of ambient light, such as illumination from electronics or digital clocks. Use your flashlight only when absolutely necessary so that you don’t inadvertently reverse the acclimation of your eyes. When you turn the flashlight off, your eyes won’t be as adjusted to the darkness, potentially putting you at risk. 

Leaving the flashlight illuminated longer than necessary will also make it possible for an intruder to track your movements, potentially giving them the upper hand. 

2. Watch How You Hold the Flashlight
When you turn on your flashlight, it’s ideal to hold it away from your body when you do so. This is a beneficial move for multiple reasons; not only does it fool an intruder about your location, but it also minimizes the flashlight’s effects on your ability to see in the dark. An intruder will likely misplace your position due to the placement of your flashlight.

3. Check That Your Flashlight Properly Illuminates the Threat
You should illuminate dark areas or possible threats with the light source in front of your body rather than behind your body. If you illuminate a threat with the light source behind your body, this will create backlight that makes it easy for a threat to locate you.

See that your flashlight can offer adequate illumination to quickly evaluate a possible threat. A flashlight that is too dim won’t give you enough light to survey the situation; it will, however, reveal your location to the intruder. Conventional recommendations state that a flashlight with 200 lumens is a good choice for home defense.

4. Learn to Use the Flashlight in Conjunction with Your Firearm
If you identify a threat, you can use the flashlight in conjunction with your firearm to subdue the threat while optimizing your accuracy. See that you’ve practiced holding a flashlight while using your firearm; you don’t want to be fumbling in the dark to find a comfortable shooting position, while your adrenaline’s racing. Instead, practice with different flashlights and holding techniques to create a plan suitable for your shooting preferences.

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