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Competitive Games to Hone Your Skills at the Indoor Shooting Range

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Recently, Armscor put out a video about the different types of live action shooting games one could play at a range to hone their skills at the indoor shooting range. Games such as “Texas Shoot ‘Em”, a shooting version of “Texas Hold ’Em”. Each shooter gets two cards, when the timer goes off, the shooters turn and fire at the other five cards on the target to complete their set. The shooter with the best hand gets the most points. 

If you’re not a gambling shooter, “Trivial Pur-shoot” might be your jam. Get some gun type questions and a row of targets for each person in the group. Have someone in the group take a turn moderating. The moderator asks the group a question, and anyone who answers correctly earns a chance to shoot down an opponent’s targets.

For fans of Cornhole, “Bullethole” is a close proximity to the game. All you need is a target and a timer. Each shooter starts with their gun on the table. One shooter begins when the timer goes off and tries to hit the center of the target as quickly as possible. The shooter closest with the least amount of time wins.

A fan favorite is the “Balloon Shoot”. Get a bag of balloons in various colors and attach them to the target area. With the shooter’s back turned to the target, simply call out a color that the shooters will need to turn and shoot. The shooter that turns and fires accurately and the fastest wins.

All four shooting games sound fun and perfect for practice on point target shooting, accuracy shooting, and fast target acquisition. However, naturally with every shooting event, safety is paramount. The range safety officers located at the fabulous Las Vegas Shooting Center are experts in their profession and should you want to try some of these games, the RSO’s can help you hone your skills in a fun, yet safe manner. 

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