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Liven up Your Summer at Our Indoor Shooting Range in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has many attractions, activities and straight up wonderful sights to see that simply do not exist anywhere else. However, with the temperature being in the low hundreds, the indoor attractions are where it’s at. Luckily, Las Vegas has hundreds of indoor attractions to take part in even during COVID-19. Axe throwing, arcades, bowling alleys, museums, escape rooms, and of course shooting ranges, such as Las Vegas Shooting Center.

Our indoor shooting range in Las Vegas is the best place to sling lead at a high rate of fire. Using the notorious AK-47, the technical M4, the monster M249 SAW or the Browning 1919. Some other ideas are to pop off a few rounds of some of the biggest calibers in the world such as the 500 S&W Magnum, a round so big its practically made for when a T-Rex charges at you. Or the famed .50 BMG rifle, for when you want to make your heart skip a beat with excitement, or percussion. Or for those inclined to the more precise style of shooting. The Sig Sauer M716 is your queen. An AR-15 variant with a high-powered scope, 16in barrel, and a threaded suppressor for that, quiet shot.

Our packages come with a selection of firearms to choose from. The First Base package offers your choice between an AR-9 or the HK MP5, and a Glock 19, Sig 226 or a HK USP for a pistol. It comes with two magazines stacked to 20 for the sub-machine gun, and two magazines stacked to 10 for the pistols!

Want something a little bigger? We got you, the Hat Trick is your prize. Choose between a FN SCAR-16 or the M4 and burn two magazines stacked to 20, choose between the Glock 19, Sig 226, or HK USP for your sidearm with two mags stacked to 10. Then finish off your paper target with 10 rounds out of the precise M716 sniper rifle.

Still want more? Then score a Touchdown with two magazines out of the AK-47, two magazines out of the FN SCAR-16 or M4. Two magazines out of the AR-9 or HK MP5, choose two magazines stacked to 10 between the Glock-19, Sig 226, or HK USP for your pistol. Then, finish things off with the M716 sniper rifle.

For those wanting to sling lead consistently and at a higher rate of fire, the appropriately named Machine Gun Package is for you. Start things off with the FN P90 for those N64 “Goldeneye” players. Then make some noise with the AK-47 and the M4, fire the surprisingly smooth HK MP5. Then make it rain brass with the M249 SAW.

Watched too many “John Wick” movies? Take a look at the Pistol Package. Choose between the Glock-19, Sig 226, or HK USP with two magazines stacked to 10. Go a bit bigger with the classic 1911 or modern Glock 21, both .45 caliber and two magazines stacked to 8 or 10. Then unleash that inner 1940’s detective with the snub nose .38 revolver or your inner gunslinger with the cowboy Ruger Vaquero.

The Minor League is where its at for kids, or beginners. Using the M&P 15-22 (AR-15 style) or the Ruger 10-22 (M1 Garand style) rifles, with 20 rounds. Then the small but fun Walther P22 pistol with 10 rounds of 22LR.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Barrett .50 BMG is a must-try. Each round costs just $70, but lasts a lifetime. At our indoor shooting range in Las Vegas, shooting the M249 SAW is affordable and fun for everyone. $70 gives you the ability to make it rain brass and smell that sweet scent of gun powder is more worth it than say shuffling cash on a dimly lit stage. With the range having a wide selection of machine guns, rifles and pistols, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So why not just shoot them all?! Every machine gun add-on is only $65, and every pistol add-on, including that 500 S&W Magnum, is only $25.*

Naturally, pictures are encouraged as to catch that “OMG” face when you feel that rush, and recoil, that comes with fully automatic machine guns. Luckily the highly trained Range Safety Officers are there to help you every step of the way to make sure you have the blast of a lifetime, but also that you do it safely.

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At Las Vegas Shooting Center, we pride ourselves on our pristine range, firearm selections and safety standards. If shooting seems a bit intimidating, our range safety officers are there to help alleviate that fear and help keep you on target. Contact us at 702-778-5872 to schedule your visit to our indoor shooting range in Las Vegas

*Prices valid as of 10/19/20 and are subject to change.

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