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You Can Have an Epic Bachelor Party at LVSC While Social Distancing

When two people fall in love, it’s a magical moment, one to be celebrated and adored by all those involved. Starting a life with that special someone should be a moment to last forever, but one thing that should also be remembered is, of course, the bachelor party. That farewell to singlehood can be let off with a mix of gunpowder and a bang the size of Texas.

You Can Have an Epic Bachelor Party at LVSC While Social DistancingGun ranges like LVSC offer some of the best ideas for bachelor parties, especially for those who have yet to even shoot a single firearm. Say the groom is new to shooting, he’ll be thrilled by the option of popping off a 30-round magazine of his favorite rifle from Call of Duty or Days Gone, or pretending to be a cowboy and slinging lead with a single-action army revolver, or fire off the monster .50 caliber rifle!

Las Vegas Shooting Center is the place to be for Bachelor parties, with sports and relevant firearm channels on the TV’s in the lobby, a viewing area for those who don’t want to shoot, and the climate-controlled shooting range filled with the sweet smell of gunpowder. The range hosts behind the counter are there to help get you checked in, and even have Red Bull to help those half-awake get into the spirit of shooting.

Other than what’s outside the range, inside are some of the most popular firearms available. AR-15’s, AK-47’s, Glock’s, HK’s, shotguns, and long guns, such as the massive S&W 500 magnum revolver, made famous from the movie The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even belt-fed machine guns are available – the type that rain brass and sling lead at a high rate of fire, perfect for the hero pose pictures or the ultra-patriotic videos complete with Bruce Springstein’s “Born in the U.S.A.” playing in the background. If the groom is undecided, or the rest of the group is, the packages offered at LVSC help make things bigger, better, louder, or quieter if you catch the drift. That’s right, they even have suppressors available. The Sig M716 SASS has a silencer tapped into the barrel, so you can make that “hush hush” shot.

The Barrett .50 caliber offers a round designed to fly well over a mile, a round so big that the casings could be used as shot glasses, and a rifle so big that sometimes it takes two people to hold it down. If the groom is up for it, then give it a shot. The percussion from this rifle alone is enough to actually shatter phone screens if too close to the muzzle. Something that everyone can feel when it comes to shooting is that level of freedom and adrenaline with every shot. Hence, why they need everyone in the group to be as sober as a judge when they arrive.


Reserve Your Private Party at LVSC

LVSC offers private parties, so you and your party members can have the whole range to yourselves. We can also accommodate decorations, food and non-alcoholic beverages. When you book your bachelor party at Las Vegas Shooting Center, you’re booking the ultimate badass experience to send the groom off with a bang. What’s more, a visit to the shooting range allows you to remain socially distant while having the time of your life.

At LVSC, we also offer an on-site retail store full of ammunition, a range of firearms and firearm accessories – the perfect souvenirs. Contact us today at 702-778-5872 to make your party reservation.

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