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Find the Firearm that Suits Your Personality Type at Our Indoor Shooting Range

Currently, everyone has a certain style built around expressing their personal individuality. This same principal of personality and individuality can be applied to firearms as well. The firearms industry is full of brands and customized options that can be applied to nearly every type of pistol or rifle out there. 

Take Glock for example, with the slogan of simply, “perfection”. With many after-market parts available, one could build a fully functioning pistol using not a single OEM part. Usually, the type of people who go for Glocks are one of two, either they are building a competition or a completely customized piece, or they simply want a pistol that runs like a champ with no cheap thrills. 

For those who are into the finer type of firearms, Heckler and Koch will forever take the cake. Primarily made in Germany, these firearms are fancy and have the price tag to prove it. Usually, the types of people into this brand are the ones who believe in the mantra, “buy once, cry once”. 

As for a more American brand sweeping the market at the moment, Smith & Wesson’s M&P (military & police) series features one of the best triggers straight out of the box. Their sight radius and grip texture rival that of HK and Glock put together and are normally less expensive than the others listed. Humorously, retired police officers, and those who simply do not like the feel of Glock, or the price tag of an H&K love these firearms. Legendary reliability and practical upgrades make these firearms for the books.

Bringing up the rear is the famed company known in nearly every ‘90s movie ever. The Beretta, their flagship pistol known as the M92F or more commonly, “M9”, has been featured in so many movies that it would take an excel spread sheet to list them all. Used by the U.S. military and known for its weight and less-felt recoil, people who are nostalgic for the good old days often prefer this firearm brand. Most of them do not have an accessory rail or the ability to upgrade the sights, much like the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

What do all these firearm brands have in common? They can all be tried out at Las Vegas Shooting Center! Even if you are a new shooter, the Range Safety Officers are there to help you test them out safely and accurately during the time at our indoor shooting range. Contact us today at 702-778-5872 to schedule your range time.

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