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Is Visiting a Las Vegas Indoor Gun Range Like Playing Paintball or Airsoft?

From elaborate missions to fun free for all, a round of airsoft and paintball can provide hours of fun. If you or your children like shooting paintballs and airsoft pellets, then you’ll love our Las Vegas indoor gun range. Las Vegas Shooting Center is one of the oldest indoor shooting ranges in Nevada and we’ve been providing safe, family fun for adults and kids ages 8 and up.

We’re locked and loaded to give you an experience like no other, especially if you’re a fan of playing paintball and airsoft.

Those who love firing off rounds of paint and pellets will also have a blast at a shooting range. Naturally, using a gun with live ammunition is quite different than firing a “toy”. You may, however, be surprised at just how similar shooting rounds at Las Vegas Shooting Center is to being on a paintball field or in an airsoft arena. Let’s discuss the differences first.


Shooting a Firearm vs. Shooting a Paintball or Airsoft Gun

Shooting at a Las Vegas Indoor Gun Range vs. Playing Paintball & AirsoftFirearms differ from airsoft and paintball guns in these ways:

Here’s how these 3 very different activities are alike and why you’re likely to enjoy shooting a firearm if you enjoy the other two:


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If you haven’t been to Las Vegas Shooting Center, what are you waiting for? With a variety of group and individual packages and a vast selection of firearms to choose from, there’s something for everyone. You can even visit our on-site retail store after your range time to pick up a souvenir in the form of firearms, accessories or ammunition. Contact our Las Vegas indoor gun range today at 702-778-5872 to book your visit.

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