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Shooting Range Features You Can’t Experience Anywhere Else

How an Indoor Shooting Range Can Ensure Your Safety

You want to visit a shooting range, but you’re concerned about the safety of the facility.

At Las Vegas Shooting Center, your safety is our top priority. We have multiple shooting range features not found at other facilities to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience.

⦁ Bullet Trap

A bullet trap is a device that stops firearm projectiles using friction, gradual acceleration, or impact.

Bullet traps prevent bullets from passing through the walls of a shooting range and inadvertently hitting a bystander or other individual.

⦁ A Set of Rules That Promote Gun Safety

At The Las Vegas Shooting Center, we have a highly trained staff who values safety.

They ensure that even novice shooters know how to correctly operate their weapons and that they know what guidelines to follow to stay safe during their time at our shooting range.

For example, when moving a firearm, shooters are to keep guns unloaded (magazines removed and actions opened) until the range is deemed “hot.” Before they begin shooting, they must confirm that no one is down range.

⦁ A Safe Environment

Our shooting range offers a safe environment for one of Las Vegas’s most extreme experiences.

All of our shooting packages include your ear and eye protection. There are packages specifically for children and individuals who feel more comfortable with less powerful firearms.

We offer hands-on supervision to teach inexperienced shooters how to properly hold and operate their firearms. Throughout your entire session, our experienced staff is nearby to help with any concerns or questions that you have.

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