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What to Wear at an Indoor Shooting Range

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You’re ready for a fun evening at an indoor shooting range, but you aren’t sure what to wear. When in doubt, ask the shooting range if it has a dress guide. Otherwise, here are a few tips to follow when dressing for an outing at the shooting range.

⦁ Wear Something That You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

While going to a shooting range won’t leave you covered in mud and grime, the gun may get a little grease on you and the bullets might splatter a bit of dirt on your clothes. Either wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty, or opt for clothing that’s easy to launder.

⦁ Stick With Shirts That Cover Your Chest and Midsection

When you’re shooting, there’s a possibility that some brass can fly back and hit you in the chest or abdomen. Having clothing on your chest and torso will keep you protected. It’s best to avoid wearing spaghetti straps or strapless shirts, simply because they expose your shoulders to flying brass.

⦁ Stay Away From Super tight or Excessively Oversized Clothing

You need to be able to move with ease during your time at the indoor shooting range. Clothing that’s too tight will restrict your moments, while clothing that’s too large can get in your way when you’re trying to shoot. Choose an outfit that’s comfortable, well-fitting, and easy to move about in. While temperature isn’t a huge concern at an indoor shooting range, steer clear of any clothing that you think might leave you feeling overheated. Dress in layers if you’re prone to hot flashes.

⦁ Choose Closed-Toe Shoes with a Low Heel

Flying brass can hit your feet; wear shoes that are entirely enclosed for protection. Avoid shoes with a clunky or high heel. You don’t want to worry about tripping and stumbling when you’re shooting.

⦁ Arrange for Eye and Ear Protection

Protection for your eyes and ears is a non-negotiable part of your indoor shooting range outfit. Some ranges provide their shooters with protection as part of their shooting package, while others charge an additional fee if you need them to supply protective gear.

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