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Las Vegas’ Most EXTREME Experiences for Your Date Night

Las Vegas Date Night at LVSC

Your date night is around the corner, and you’re searching for fantastic ideas that will make for a memorable date. Consider gifting your special someone an experience they won’t forget. A brass therapy session at Las Vegas Shooting Center is a memorable date night gift that offers an unique experience for any couple.

Here are a few reasons to schedule brass therapy for your date night.

Experiences are a Thoughtful Gift

A recent study indicates that over half of people like experiential gifts over tangible items. Experienced-based gifts are thoughtful and give you the opportunity to leave your comfort zone with someone that you love.

Maybe you’re a gun novice, or perhaps you have a little experience but have never fired large, powerful firearms, like an AK47 or SASS rifle. What better way to remember a date night than to share this new experience together?

When you learn how to do something with your loved one or you work together to improve your shooting skills, this creates an ideal atmosphere for bonding and getting closer to one another.

A Shooting Session is Exhilarating

Add a little excitement to your date night with some brass therapy. The power of a firearm and a bit of friendly competition work together offers an exciting experience perfect for couples searching for an extreme date. You’ll leave your shooting session with your heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

You Can Customize Your Brass Therapy Session

One of the benefits of gifting your loved one with a session at a Las Vegas shooting range is that you can personalize the outing to you and your loved one’s needs. It’s possible to select firearms that you’ll both be comfortable handling or that expand your shooting experience.

Date Night at Las Vegas Shooting Center

Not sure what shooting package is right for your special someone? Our trained experts will help you design the perfect brass therapy experience.

If you want to make a night or even a weekend, part of your outing, Las Vegas Shooting Center offers free transportation to and from any hotel on the strip.

Ready to experience Las Vegas’ most EXTREME experiences on your date night? Contact us today to design your experience!

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