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4 Ways to Improve Your Shooting Skills at a Shooting Range

Indoor shooting ranges provide a year-round place for practicing shooting skills. Whether you go occasionally or regularly, these tips will help you maximize your practice time at an indoor range.

1. Bring Your Own Firearms & Protective Gear

Indoor shooting ranges are fun places to try new firearms, and they always have protective gear available for rent. Certainly spend some time experimenting with different pistols and rifles, for these are one of the fun reasons to go to a shooting range. Also, make sure to use their protective gear if you don’t bring your own.
When it’s time for serious practice, though, bring your own firearms and eye protection. You need to be familiar with your own firearms’ grips, triggers, and sights, as these are the guns that you’ll be using in the real world. You also should use your safety gear because subtle differences in lenses can have an oversized impact on your shot.

2. Spend Time Dry Firing Your Guns

Before shooting live ammunition, first spend some time dry firing your guns. You can focus on different steps of shooting, such as your:

Once you’ve broken down each of these steps, you can then implement the skills into live fire practice.

3. Focus on Accuracy When Live Firing

When you move to the live firing stage of practice, focus specifically on accuracy. You’ve just spent time breaking down each step of shooting during dry firing. Accuracy during live firing is the ultimate test of whether you have each step perfected. Go back to dry firing and practicing the different steps if your accuracy is too low.

4. Ask Others With Good Shooting Skills

When you’re finished or need a break, ask the best shots at the indoor range for some tips. You can ask about a specific technique someone is using, or even have them watch you and give suggestions. Most people will gladly share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others at the range.

Practice Your Shooting at an Indoor Range

If you want to steadily become a better shot, visit us at Las Vegas Shooting Center to practice your shooting skills. You can practice with our large variety of firearms and during all seasons and weather.

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