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LVSC Has the Best Valued Gun Range Packages in Las Vegas

Have you always wanted to shoot a pistol, sniper rifle, assault rifle, or shotgun, all in affordable gun range packages in Las Vegas? If so, the Las Vegas Shooting Center is a must-visit. We provide excellent shooting facilities designed to help you hone your technique.

Our Gun Range Packages

Here’s a look at our gun range packages in Las Vegas:

Minor Leagues

As the name suggests, the Minor Leagues package suits kids (8-14 years old). We curated it to allow the young ones to burn off extra energy. The package costs $40 and includes an M&P 15-22 or Ruger 1022 rile with 20 rounds and a Walther P22 pistol with ten rounds.


For $120, you can shoot a Glock 19, HK USP, or SIG P226 with 20 rounds, or a 1911 or Glock 21 with up to 20 rounds. You also get a Snub Nose or Vaquero with six rounds. Indeed, there’s no better way for you to unleash the gunslinger in you.

First Base

Would you like to shoot different rifles and pistols and have a quick brass therapy session on the side? If so, this is the excellent LVSC gun range package for you. The $120 package gives you a choice of an MK9 or MP5 rifle with 40 rounds and a Glock 19, HK USP, or SIG P226 with 30 rounds. Doubling the ammo for $60 gets you a free shirt.

Hat Trick

The Hat Trick package is excellent for those who love the sniper, pistol, and rifle combo. When you book this $160 package, you get a Scar 16 or M4 with 40 rounds, a Glock 19, HK USP or SIG P226 with 30 rounds, and a SASS rifle with ten rounds.

Machine Guns

You can’t call yourself a big boy or girl if you haven’t tried out the Machine Guns package at LVSC. For $250, you can shoot an AK47 with 15 rounds, an MP5 with 20 rounds, an M4 with 20 rounds, and an M249 SAW with 20 rounds. We choose the most accurate machine guns to allow you to shoot like the pro you are.


This package is for those who love to score in the shooting range. Priced at $300, it allows you to shoot an AK47 with 30 rounds, a Scar 16 or M4 with 40 rounds, an MP5 or MK9 with 40 rounds, a SIG P226, HK USP, or Glock 19 with 30 rounds, and a SASS rifle with ten rounds.

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If you’ve always wanted to elevate your shooting to the next level, there’s no better place to be than LVSC. Our gun range packages in Las Vegas deliver an adrenaline-pumping and exhilarating experience that’s only comparable to what you see in the movies. Our prices include ear and eye protection, so book your range time today to sample our exciting packages.

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