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7 Essential Firearm Safety Tips

Whether you’re an experienced firearm owner or a novice shooter, shooting a firearm is an exciting, fun way to spend an afternoon. However, when you’re shooting, it’s essential to follow safety procedures that keep you and those around you safe. Here are some important firearm safety rules to follow when you’re shooting.

1. Treat Your Firearm Like It’s Loaded

Even if you’re 99.9 percent sure your firearm isn’t loaded, you should always treat it like it’s loaded and ready to fire.
This means that you don’t point your firearm at anything that you don’t want to shoot and that you don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you’re ready to shoot.

2. Don’t Point Your Firearm at Anything Unless You Want to Shoot It

Keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction away from anything or anyone you don’t want to shoot. This rule applies when you’re preparing to shoot and when you’re loading or unloading your firearm.
You also need to consider ricochet when deciding whether to point your gun at something. For example, an accidental discharge might rebound off the floor and hit you or those around you.
Following this firearm safety guideline drastically decreases the chances of a shooting accident.

3. Don’t Load Your Gun Until You’re Ready to Shoot

Avoid loading your firearm until you’re ready to begin shooting. If you plan on watching your friend practice their shooting or want to discuss ways to improve your accuracy, make sure that you hold off on loading your gun until it’s time for your shooting practice to begin.
When you pick up a firearm, check it to confirm that it’s unloaded.

4. Position Your Finger Away from the Trigger Area Until You’re Ready to Shoot

Your finger should remain outside of the trigger guard until you’re ready to shoot to prevent you from accidentally pressing the trigger and discharging your firearm.

5. Always Wear Eye and Ear Protection

Practicing with a firearm consistently exposes your ears to loud sounds; make sure that they’re protected by always using ear protection.
Eye protection is also a must-have. When you fire a gun, you run the risk of debris entering your eyes. Protective eyewear keeps your eyes safe from any flying debris and dust.

6. Know What Your Target Is

Before shooting, confirm that you know what you’re shooting at. Your target should be clearly identified. You should also confirm that there’s nothing behind or around your target that may be inadvertently hit when you’re shooting.

7. Store Your Firearms Securely

If you own a firearm, it’s important to keep it secure when it’s not in use. Invest in a gun safe that prevents children, thieves, and other unauthorized individuals from accessing your firearm.
Store your guns unloaded and keep the ammo in a separate locked container.

Practice Your Shooting in a Safe Setting

At Las Vegas Shooting Center, we prioritize firearm safety. Our highly trained staff will monitor and assist with your range time to ensure that you have a safe experience.
LVSC’s shooting packages always include your ear and eye protection. Visit us online or call us at 702-778-5872 to reserve your range time.

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