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Unique Vegas Excursions: Visit A Shooting Range In Vegas!

As the undisputed destination for anyone looking for entertainment and extravagance, Las Vegas is on everyone’s bucket list. Unfortunately, most travelers only concentrate on the bustling casinos and bright lights on The Strip and miss out on the other wonders of the city. A day trip to one of the places below will be a welcome balance for everyone visiting Sin City.

Grand Canyon

This is among the most impressive natural landscapes worldwide. For a Grand Canyon day trip, you will cross the state lines into Arizona so that you will have visited another state.

The Colorado River has naturally eroded the land over millions of years to create the canyon and is still doing so. For your hike through the Grand Canyon, start at the visitor’s center to get advice on which trail is best for you. You can also zipline over the canyon or go white-water rafting on the Colorado River.

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire in the Mojave Desert remains among the most iconic wonders in Nevada with its picturesque fire wave. The state park hosts indigenous Indian petroglyphs thought to date back more than 3000 years. These conserved rock carvings are incredible mirrors of the lives of man’s ancestors.

Elephant Rock and the petroglyph-covered Atlatl Rock are popular carvings here. The Valley of Fire is perfect for hiking, rock climbing, or a scenic drive. You can also glimpse bighorn sheep, rattlesnakes, and lizards. Stay hydrated and have sunscreen when visiting the valley in the summer since temperatures can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Las Vegas Shooting Center

If you love the indoors, a day trip to Las Vegas Shooting Center is a must. The center is in Nevada’s oldest premier indoor shooting range and boasts the best prices in town.

Las Vegas Shooting Center is a short distance from The Strip but offers free transportation from downtown casinos or The Strip. The shooting range has all the necessary safety gear to keep you comfortable and safe. There is also hands-on supervision and instruction for first-time shooters and those with moderate or little experience.

You will choose from a wide range of gun inventory for the ultimate experience. Get the best deals by contacting the shooting range today to book your ideal range time.

Area 51

This is among the most mysterious places on earth. It is a must-visit for all curious travelers, military enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists. A day trip to Area 51 is your perfect opportunity to see the most secretive military facility worldwide. For your trip, you can drive down Extraterrestrial Highway, visit the eerie black mailbox, and enjoy the mysterious Joshua Tree Forest.

You can also stop by the Alien Research Center and pick some souvenirs while indulging in Area 51 history. Call the center ahead of time since it is not always open to match the hours on its site.

Willow Beach

If you love the water, head to Willow Beach, just a short drive from The Strip. Here, you can rent paddleboards, kayaks, and boats to explore the water, experience different hiking trails or enjoy the cozy campgrounds. You can kayak to Emerald Cove from the beach and experience the

stunning emerald-colored water here. The cove is about two miles away, so bring enough snacks and water for the trip.

From the above article, you now know that a trip to Nevada does not have to start and end in casinos. Include one of the above in your day trips itinerary for an all-around experience. Some attractions are close together, so you can consider visiting two in one day if you are pressed for time.

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