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Las Vegas Shooting Center: Maximize Your Fun in Vegas

Women having fun in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Shooting Center

If you visit Las Vegas, you’ll want to check out the Strip and its world-famous casinos. However, there’s more to fun in Las Vegas than gambling, and there’s no better way to spice your visit than having some brass therapy at a gun range. 

The Las Vegas Shooting Center is the city’s go-to gun range and shop. With an endless ammo range, dedicated trainers, and all the amenities you need, all you have to do is turn up and have shooting fun. Here’s a lowdown of the fun activities awaiting you when you visit the gun range: 

Exciting Packages

LVSC offers the most extreme shooting experiences in town. When you book your range slot, you can choose from different packages, all of which guarantee a bang for your buck. At Las Vegas Shooting Center, you get the ultimate gun fun, whether you choose the most affordable First Base package or the most comprehensive Touchdown package. Regardless of your shooting package, you can customize it further with add-ons like the M249 SAW and 50 BMG. 

The fun doesn’t stop with you because younger shooters can join the bandwagon. LVSC offers the Minor Leagues Package for shooters aged between 8 and 14. So, if your kids are also shooting enthusiasts, don’t hesitate to tag them along next time you visit the gun range. They’ll have the ultimate fun in Las Vegas while shooting firearms that suit them best. 

Wide Selection of Guns

At LVSC, you will find a broad selection of firearms to use at the indoor shooting range. You can choose anything, from rifles and machine guns to pistols and revolvers. Your shooting skills matter little because the gun range has something for everyone. Popular high-power firearms in the LVSC inventory include the Beretta M9 and the large-caliber S&W 500 Mag. However, if these are beyond your depth, you won’t have to worry because there are dozens of pistol models for your selection. 

The gun range’s inventory also included classic firearms like the Thompson 45, which appeal to history lovers. Also, you can have a unique shooting experience at the range, thanks to the availability of firearms such as the P90 and the REM 870. Thus, there’s no better place to have mad gun fun in Las Vegas.  

Bespoke Shooting Experiences

Whether you’re a newbie just getting into guns or a skilled shooter, Las Vegas Shooting Center is the best place to visit. When you book your slot, you’ll be asked about your expertise and preferences so that a customized session gets curated. Each shooter gets assigned to an experienced instructor for personalized guidance. LVSC believes everyone can be an expert shooter. Even if you’ve never pulled the trigger, the expert instruction you’ll receive during your range slot will ensure you start hitting those targets almost immediately. 

Free Transport and Safety Gear

Nothing’s as fun as being chauffeured to and from the gun range. At LVSC, clients get transported to and from the Las Vegas Strip. So, you don’t have to worry about beating the rush hour traffic because the gun range has you covered. Better still, the transportation is part of your package. Furthermore, since LVSC prioritizes safety, ear and eye protection is also included in your package. 

Book Your Range Visit Today

Heading to LVSC is an excellent way to have fun in Las Vegas and de-stress. There is no better way to experience the thrill of gunfire than sampling the shooting packages at the range. So, next time you’re in downtown Vegas, don’t forget to stop by to have a fun and unforgettable shooting experience. You can also contact us to book your range time. 

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