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Safety, Fun, & Precision: Top Las Vegas Gun Range Experience

Gun and target at a Las Vegas gun range

Las Vegas is undoubtedly the world’s entertainment capital. Millions descend to the city yearly, searching for fun, pleasure, and riches. But did you know that Vegas also has a rich gun history? It is home to dozens of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges where you can unleash your inner marksman in a safe and controlled environment. The Las Vegas Shooting Center is one such facility. Here’s what awaits you when you visit the go-to Las Vegas gun range.


Guns are fun to shoot, but they can also be deadly. For this reason, Las Vegas Shooting Center prioritizes safety above everything else. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the gun range is the strict safety protocols, well-maintained firearms and safety equipment, and experienced range staff who always help you to handle the guns safely. 

The trained employees at the gun range provide hands-on supervision and instruction on firearm safety. Moreover, each shooting session starts with comprehensive briefing sessions. For this reason, LVSC provides a safe environment for families and is the Las Vegas gun range to visit if you want to experience thrilling gunfire alongside your kids. 

Unparalleled Fun

Nothing’s better than blasting firearms and savoring the thrill that comes with it. LVSC has top-notch facilities to guarantee the ultimate fun and gun range experience. When you visit any day, you’ll find yourself controlling the most powerful firearms on the market. You can choose from the extensive inventory of guns and shooting packages designed to suit the needs and expertise of all shooters. 

Whether you are into long guns or long guns, our Las Vegas gun range has various options suited to your preferences. To add to the facility’s fun factor, themed shooting packages are available for your selections. So, whether you’re in town for a bachelor or bachelorette party or visiting in a group, you will find a fun and engaging package that takes your gun range experience to a new level.

Moreover, the exclusive shooting packages at Las Vegas Shooting Center mean you no longer have to settle for a basic shooting experience whenever you want to have some blasting fun. The gun range offers additional services, including free transportation to and from the Strip, private instruction, and lounges with cozy seating areas. No wonder many consider it the go-to Las Vegas gun range. 

Shoot with precision

When you visit LVSC, you don’t have to worry about your rusty shooting skills. The gun range employees are well-trained and experienced in offering skilled instruction to newbies and professional shooters. The team at LVSC looks forward to helping you hone your marksmanship, and they’ll get you shooting precisely after the first visit.  

Affordable Packages

The incredibly affordable packages are the best part of choosing LVSC as your go-to Las Vegas shooting range. You can select individual or group packages from as low as $120. In addition, you can customize your package further with add-ons to elevate your shooting experience. 

LVSC also has a transparent pricing policy and lists its fees and additional expenses upfront. You’ll pay what’s advertised, so no worries about incurring hidden charges. The same cannot be said of some gun ranges. Better still, free transportation is included in the package you choose, ensuring you get to the gun range as soon as you need some brass therapy. 

Gun Fun Like No Other

Las Vegas is renowned for its glitzy casinos, but there’s more to the city than gambling. If you’re a firearms enthusiast, don’t leave the city without having some brass therapy at the Las Vegas Shooting Center. Here, you’ll find an unforgettable shooting experience full of excitement and adrenaline. Contact us to book your range time. 


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