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Fun Activities in Las Vegas: Shooting Range, Rides, & More!

Men holding gun at Las Vegas shooting range
The casinos and shows on the Las Vegas strip may be a good way to spend a few hours of downtime, but if you want to truly make your trip to Sin City an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event, there are better options – from visiting a Las Vegas shooting range to racing, indoor skydiving, and more. Here are a few adrenaline-pumping events to add to your itinerary to create the ultimate Las Vegas getaway.

Go-Cart Racing

Enjoy the thrill of racing while competing with friends and family by scheduling a stop at Vegas SuperKarts. With powerful go-carts and a challenging track with plenty of hairpin turns, your driving ability will be tested throughout the course. Located at SPEEDVEGAS, 14200 S Las Vegas Blvd., tickets start at $35, and popular time slots sell out quickly, so reserve yours in advance.


Drifting is an art and a sport, but the entry costs are a bit high for the average driver. Skip the investment and ride along as a professional driver negotiates tight turns and a complex course with flair and style. Located at SPEEDVEGAS, 14200 S Las Vegas Blvd., tickets start a $99.

Exotic Driving Experience

Have you ever dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche? Now’s your chance with the Exotics driving experience from SPEEDVEGAS, located at 14200 S Las Vegas Blvd. Take 5 laps in the supercar of your choice for a truly memorable experience. Prices range from $179 to $599 depending on the car, and demand is high for certain modes, so reserve your favorite early.

Indoor Skydiving

Would you like to experience the thrill of skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane? Visit Vegas Indoor Skydiving. With a powerful 1,000-horsepower motor, this facility can simulate free-fall with wind speeds of 120 mph. Located at 200 Convention Center Drive, flights start at $99 per person.

Thrill Rides

Enjoy unique thrill rides at the top of Las Vegas’s STRAT tower, over 860 feet in the air. The Big Shot shoots riders 160 feet straight up at 45 mph to a height of 1,081 feet, before they fall back down. The X-Scream tips roller-coaster riders over the edge of the tower on a 27-foot track, before pausing, then tipping back up, all at a height of 866 feet above the ground. Located at 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd., ride tickets start at $25.

Las Vegas Shooting Ranges

Whether you are new to firearms or a seasoned shooter, enjoy operating a choice of handguns, revolvers, rifles, and historical firearms with the unique shooting packages that Las Vegas Shooting Center has to offer. Located at 5155 S. Dean Martin Dr. Suite #1, packages start at $120, and each includes shooting 10 rounds on at least 2 firearms.

Schedule Range Time Today

Make your Las Vegas getaway even more exciting by expanding your firearms experience. At Las Vegas Shooting Center, our gun range packages offer you hands-on experience with your choice of firearms, from common handguns like the Glock 19 or a Sig P320 to popular rifles like the AR-15 or AK-47, or even more exotic choices like the M-249 automatic or Barret 50 caliber, all under the supervision of an experienced firearm instructor. Our Las Vegas shooting ranges are ideal for exciting getaways, birthday parties, bachelor parties, special events, and more.

Schedule your range time today by calling Las Vegas Shooting Center at 702-778-5872. We can make your Las Vegas visit unforgettable!

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