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Shoot Indoors: 4 Expert Tips for Safety

Shoot indoors at Las Vegas Shooting Center

Most shooters know the basics of safe firearm handling – like treating every firearm as if it were loaded, not loading the gun until you are ready to shoot, or keeping your finger off the trigger until you have selected a target and made sure it is safe to shoot. But when you are visiting an indoor range, there are a few extra guidelines that should be followed. Here are four tips to help you shoot indoors safely.

  1. Double Check Your Ear & Eye Protection

Ear and eye protection is essential for all shooting, but in the close confines of an indoor range, it is especially important. While it does not happen often, an errant round could send shrapnel heading your way, so it is critical to protect your vision. Additionally, when you shoot indoors, the sound of firearms is greatly magnified, so quality ear protection is a priority.

2. Always Keep the Firearm Pointed Downrange

Whether you are loading the firearm, handing it to another shooter, checking the magazine, setting it down, or clearing a malfunction, always keep the firearm pointed downrange. That ensures that if a round is fired accidentally, it travels in a safe direction.

3. Clear the Firearm When You Are Done Shooting

Make sure your firearm is cleared of all rounds before you put it away or take it out of the shooting lane. While pointing downrange, remove the magazine, cycle the action a few times, and lock it back, if possible, to check that the chamber is empty.

4. Follow All Instructions of the Range Officers

Listen closely to all instructions or commands given by the Range Officers. They are responsible for everyone’s safety, and even experienced shooters can occasionally make a mistake that endangers others. And if a “Cease Fire” is called, stop shooting, immediately set down the firearm with it pointed downrange, step back from the bench, and wait for further instructions.

Indoor Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas

Make your next trip to Las Vegas even more memorable—schedule some range time with our team at Las Vegas Shooting Center. We feature an expansive indoor shooting range with a collection of unique shooting packages that let you enjoy some of the most iconic firearms available. Whether you would like to experience the thrill of an M-249 SAW, the power of a BMG .50 Caliber, or the accuracy of a bolt action rifle, we can provide the firearms, targets, and safety gear you need to shoot indoors in style. 

We offer shooting packages for individuals and groups, and we specialize in providing memorable shooting experiences for special events like birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate team-building exercises, and more. We even offer FREE transportation from any hotel on the strip with the purchase of a range package.

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