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Safe Storage Solutions for Your Firearm

Safety is the number one priority of firearm ownership. Safe storage solutions are the best tools to protect your firearm from damage, misuse and accidental discharge. Here are 5 of the top storage options:

5 Storage Solutions for Firearm Owners

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  1. Trigger Locks and Cables
    Trigger locks prevent the trigger from being engaged, which provides an extra layer of safety when transporting your case or range bag. Cables work in a similar fashion by securing the firearm in a number of different ways. For instance, some cables can be secured to prevent magazines from being loaded until the cable is removed.
  2. Cases
    A case is a valuable resource that most firearm owners shouldn’t be left without. In fact, a quality case is one of the top five firearm accessories every first-time buyer should purchase.
    These storage solutions help protect the firearm and optics from damage while being transported.
  3. Cabinets
    Locking steel firearm cabinets are ideal solutions for semi-permanent or temporary storage in a particular location. These cabinets have an increased storage capacity for owners who need reliable storage for multiple firearms. Unlike safes, these cabinets are much lighter and easier to move. This makes them ideal for storage in apartment buildings or multi-level facilities.
  4. Security Cases or Strong Boxes
    Security cases and strong boxes provide the quick and convenient portability of a case with the increased locking features of a cabinet. Some of these devices are simple, while others have been enhanced with technology, such as biometric locking that can only be opened with the owner’s fingerprint. This storage solution is the ideal blend of security and convenience that offers quick-access to the firearm.
  5. Safes
    A safe is the most secure firearm storage solution and is recommended for homeowners who have families or roommates within the house. The weight alone provides a powerful threat deterrent which is then reinforced by a complex locking mechanism. Owners can even choose to have the safe bolted into a concrete slab for a more permanent installation. 

Las Vegas Shooting Center carries a wide variety of firearm accessories in our retail store, including backpacks, firearm cases, range bags, and tactical gear. To learn more about safe and responsible firearm storage or practice safe shooting techniques, contact us at 702-778-5872 to book your visit to our indoor shooting range.

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