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How to Get the Most Out of Your Vegas Gun Range Experience

It’s true that Las Vegas is best known for its exciting casino nightlife, but there are plenty of terrific things to do in the city during the day.

Many people enjoy visiting the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, while some take to the sky on the High Roller Observation Wheel or the SkyJump Las Vegas. And others tour the Mob Museum or Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden.
If you’ve already checked these activities off your what-to-do-in-Vegas list, why not visit the city’s oldest premier indoor shooting range? Our Vegas gun range offers great fun for first-time and experienced shooters alike, delivering a thrilling experience you won’t soon forget.

Customize Your Experience at Our Vegas Gun Range

Las Vegas Shooting Center is hands-down the best indoor shooting range in town. You can choose from a number of guns, including machine guns, pistols, and bolt-action sniper rifles. Located a mere mile from Las Vegas Boulevard, we’re close to other daytime attractions and activities you might want to try, including Allegiant Stadium and T-Mobile Arena, home of the Vegas Golden Knights.
To ensure your and other people’s safety, our highly trained staff teaches you how to handle and operate your firearm of choice. Are you an experienced shooter? Our team will offer helpful tips on improving your accuracy.

What You Need to Know Before Visiting a Shooting Range

Some of our favorite tips for making the most of your gun range visit include:

  1. Wear appropriate gear. All our packages include eye and ear protection and wearing them is mandatory. Debris and fragment accidents aren’t necessarily common, but they can happen—and there’s no replacing your eyes if you damage them! It’s also a good idea to wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from any falling hot brass while shooting.
  2. Keep a steady grip. Successful target shooting requires a nice steady grip which helps you control the recoil and keep the gun stationary as you squeeze the trigger. It also helps you avoid what’s called “limp wristing.”
  3. Know your dominant eye. Knowing your dominant eye can help your accuracy. If you’re not sure which eye dominates, try looking at an object at least ten feet away. Form a circle around the item with your hands and then start moving your hands closer to your face. Your dominant eye should become evident.
  4. Use correct trigger positioning. If you’re new to shooting, talk to a member of our staff about where you should place your finger on the trigger. It can make a big difference in your accuracy and enjoyment of the sport.
  5. Clean up. When your shooting session’s over, be sure to remove any lead residue by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This helps you avoid ingesting bullet dust or lead residue and spreading them on your face.

Lastly, you want to know and respect the safety rules. While indoor shooting ranges are extremely safe, certain rules are put in place to protect you and everyone around you. Our range safety officers provide basic gun safety and indoor shooting range guidelines, including keeping a gun unloaded until you’re ready to shoot it and making sure your firearm is pointed in a safe direction.

Test Your Aim at a Vegas Gun Range

Shooting a firearm can help build confidence, improve focus, and increase mental discipline. No matter which firearm or firearms you choose, we believe you’ll leave our Vegas gun range feeling much better than you did before you walked in!
To learn more or to make a reservation, contact us online or call us at 702-778-5872.

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