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Firearm Safety Best Practicing for when You’re at Home

Follow These Tips to Practice Firearm Safety at Home

Firearm safety in the home is an important consideration when owning a firearm. Whether it is a handgun or a long gun, proper firearm safety practices ensure that your firearm is safe, secure and ready for when you need or want it. Most firearm safety practices are time tested, common-sense approaches that significantly reduce the likelihood of firearm-related accidents in your home. Safety practices for firearms are broken into two categories, the first is handling and the second is storage, both of which require their own separate practices to maintain overall safety. There are also some general safety guidelines to practice at all times.

General Firearm Safety Guidelines

When handling, storing or using firearms, there are some general guidelines to follow. These include:

While some of these general guidelines are applied when handling the firearm, there are other guidelines that apply when picking up or transporting a firearm.

Safe Handling Practices in the Home

At some point, you are going to want to share your appreciation of firearms with friends or family. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand the safe handling practices for firearms. Along with the above general guidelines, there are some other practices to remember. These include but are not limited to:

These practices, in conjunction with the general guidelines, will make the handling of your firearm safer for you and everyone around you. In addition, there are further guidelines for safely storing your firearm. 

Safe Firearm Storage

Many firearm-related accidents occur due to the improper storage of a firearm, however, it should be noted that while many of these guidelines provide for safe storage of a firearm, in some personal safety situations, not all guidelines can be realistically followed. Therefore, it is up to the individual to establish the proper balance between safety and security for their individual situation. One practice that will provide an additional level of safety, in addition to safe storage, is making sure that all members of the household are properly educated in the safe operation of a firearm. Education is the first line of defense in safely managing firearms in and around the home.  

Of course, education is only part of the safety equation and proper storage provides an additional layer of safety. Guidelines for proper firearm storage include:

It is up to the individual owner to ensure that their firearms are handled and stored properly. It is always best to never assume a firearm is safe and to occasionally check that your individual circumstances are offering the right balance for your needs.

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