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Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Gun

When you’ve made an investment in a firearm, maintaining your gun is a vital part of gun ownership to ensure your firearm functions correctly and retains its value. Fortunately, proper gun maintenance doesn’t have to feel like a part-time job. Here are a few tips you can follow to make maintaining your gun a breeze.

1. Read Your Manual

Reading a firearm’s manual gets a bad rap for being tedious and unnecessary, but your manual is your best resource when it comes to correctly maintaining your gun. Taking a few minutes to read your manual also ensures that you’re operating your firearm safely.

Your manual will tell you the proper way to arm and disarm your firearm. It’ll also offer guidance as to how to correctly and safely disassemble your gun.

2. Use a Cleaning Solution Formulated for Your Gun

It’s okay to DIY with some tasks, but cleaning your gun isn’t one of them. Stay away from homemade cleaning concoctions and instead purchase a product that’s specifically designed for your gun. This rule also applies to any lubricants or oils that you use; stick with products made for your gun.

Using high-quality firearm products helps your gun operate smoothly and efficiently in the most extreme conditions.

3. Give Your Gun a Weekly Inspection

Even if you haven’t fired your gun, you need to inspect it once a week for signs of debris or rust. Guns that haven’t been fired are still exposed to the elements and require care to keep them clean and working properly.

If you discover any debris on your gun, you can use a toothbrush and a gun-cleaning solvent to remove it. Make sure to scrub as gently as possible.

Or, you can purchase a gun cleaning kit that has everything you need to keep your gun clean and dirt-free.

4. Wipe Your Gun Down Regularly

Periodically wiping your gun down with gun oil helps the parts slide with ease and keeps the gun looking its best. If you carry your gun daily, wipe it down at the end of each day with a rag that’s been lightly soaked in gun oil.

Or, if you use your firearm more infrequently, make wiping it down a part of your weekly inspection.

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